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Pin Program


Our Pin Program Hero Volunteer

Peter Garthe is one of our many cherished volunteers. He's been a longstanding character within the festival's culture and a community darling. For over 20 years he's been saying "1,2,3...Boogie!" motivating people to take a chance at picking a winning pin. We love Peter and all he has done for the festival. We cannot say THANK YOU enough!

Peter Garthe: Pin Ambassador

Peter started selling pins in 1991. He has continued to sell commemorative pins each year since. Peter holds the record for Top Pin Seller since 1993. 22 times he has been crowned the National Cherry Festival Pin Sales Champion and this year he is going for a 25th victory! Over the course of his 25 years in pin sales, his grand total for amount sold to is over 200,000 pins in 2015.Peter was born and raised in Traverse City, MI. Not only does he help at the Festival but Peter also works as a basketball referee with local high school teams. Locals know Peter’s story and many will only buy their pins from him. Prior to Festival you will see Peter biking around Traverse City, Acme and Greilickville & Chum's Corner stopping into local business to make sure everyone has bought their Festival Commemorative Pin for the year. The National Cherry Festival is lucky to have his dedicated help and support year after year!

Peter keeps a running tally of how many pins he has sold over the years. Ask him how many pins he's sold by year! He has them all memorized.

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