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Bayside Music Stage Ticket Holder & Venue Restrictions

We love throwing the best party on the Bay during each National Cherry Festival! The safety of our guests is of the utmost importance. By attending the Bayside Music Stage Event as a ticket holder, you agree and consent to all of following House Rules. All venue restrictions are subject to change at any time and without notice. Please review again prior to attending a show.


The Festival Foundation dba National Cherry Festival (NCF) is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets. NCF is not responsible for tickets sold on a 3rd party platform.


These items are permitted in the Bayside Music Stage Venue
• Photo Identification – you may be asked for your ID
• Tickets – Tickets may be printed or shown on a smart phone and will be scanned
• Clear, plastic bag no bigger than 12 x 6 x 12 (see Bag Policy for more information)
• One factory sealed or empty water bottle 20 oz or less
• Hats, Sunglasses, Sunscreen Lotion
• Cell Phone
• Ponchos & Rain Jackets (shows are rain or shine – see refund/exchange policy for additional information)
• Food purchased from our Open Space Vendors (but not drinks – see Prohibited Items)
• Great attitudes and good times


Our venue is accessible. In order to accommodate those with special needs, accessible reserved seating is placed throughout the venue. When purchasing your ticket please look for the seats in Yellow and Green or labeled WC (Wheelchair) or C (Companion). Companion [C] tickets may only be purchased in conjunction with Wheelchair [WC] Tickets.


Due to the ongoing pandemic, certain artists may require the audience to meet certain criteria to attend the show. Below is the worst case scenario. These items may include, but are not limited to:
• Masking requirements
• Proof of Vaccination
• Proof of Negative COVID-19 test
• Gate Temperature checks

There may also be no artist requirements. The list of artists’ audience requirements may be changed at any time. Please check back before your show to confirm the Artists’ Audience Requirements.


To expedite security and to increase the safety of our guests, the NCF has moved to a “No Bag/Clear Bag” Policy. The following “bags” are allowed:
• Clear Plastic or Clear Vinyl Bag or Clear PVC bag not to exceed 12” x 6” x 12” often referred to as a “Stadium Bag” (NCF logoed clear vinyl bags are available for purchase here)
• A 1 gallon (or smaller) re-sealable, clear, plastic storage bag (Ziploc® is a popular brand)
• Small clutch bags not to exceed 6” x 6” with or without a handled or shoulder strap
• Bags that are not allowed include everything that is not listed above.


Folding Chairs or camp chairs are not allowed in the Bay Side Music Stage. If a chair is needed for accessibility reasons in the General Admission Area, please see an usher.


The gates open at 6:00 pm nightly. This is the time shown on your ticket. For artist performance times, please call or email the National Cherry Festival closer to the date of show.


• Weapons - This includes guns, guns with a valid Concealed Carry Permit, knives (including pocket knives and multi-tools), mace, pepper spray and anything else that may be deemed a weapon by NCF security personnel or performing artists Security Directors• Explosives
• Outside Alcohol – Beer, wine and spirits are available for purchase inside the Bay Side Music Stage
• Coolers
• Bags that do not conform with the “No Bag/Clear Bag” Policy (See Bag Policy)
• Chains, Chain wallets & Spiked Jewelry
• Chairs – Folding Chairs or Camp Chairs – (See No Chairs Policy)
• Drones
• Food & Drink items purchased outside the NCF Area. (see food exception under Allowed Items)
• Cameras. We understand that Cell Phones have cameras. They are exempt. Most Performing Artists contractually require us to make our best effort to limit or restrict use of any camera
• No audio/video recording devices
• Pets
• Cigarettes, E- Cigarettes & Cigars – We are nonsmoking venue
• Illegal substances
• Aerosol Cans
• Blankets
• Towels
• Umbrellas
• Any item deemed unsafe by NCF security personnel or required contractually by the artist
• Additional items may be prohibited as contractually required by the performing artists, without prior notice
Prohibited items discovered during the security inspections must either be returned to the owner’s vehicle or discarded: Items will NOT be held for later pick up. We do not have a coat or property check area for personal items.


It is the policy of the National Cherry Festival that there are NO refunds or exchanges including but not limited to failure of the performers(s) to appear, changes in performer(s) or cancellation due to inclement weather.


The Bayside Music Stage generally offers three types of tickets: Reserved, General Admission, and The Deck.
Reserved Seats: These are numbered, assigned section, row, chair seats. These seats are closer to the stage than the General Admission Seating. These tickets are delivered by email once your purchase is complete.

General Admission or GA: GA tickets is standing room only. It does not include a chair. It is lawn seating and/or standing. Seating in this area is on a first come first served basis with your valid General Admission Ticket. These tickets are delivered by email once your purchase is complete.

The Deck: The Deck is an exclusive experience that includes dinner and two adult beverages. Deck patrons watch the show from a stage level, elevated platform. When purchasing The Deck package, you get two items: A General Admission ticket that gets you into the venue and a Deck Pass that allows you entrance to The Deck. You will need both the General Admission and Deck Pass for the Deck Experience. This package is sent by mail.


When arriving to the Bay Side Music Stage please take note of exit locations. If you see something suspicious, please notify Venue Security, an usher, or Crowd Control Person.


Lost your ticket? Visit: https://www.cherryfestival.org/findmyorder, enter in your email and the last 4 digits of your credit card.

Tickets Purchased on 3rd party platforms: To ensure that your purchase is valid, only purchase tickets from www.cherryfestival.org. While we may honor a ticket purchased from a 3rd party site, we cannot guarantee its authenticity.

Best way to purchase a ticket: Visit us online at www.cherryfestival.org.


The Festival Foundation believes that the safety and health of all of our participants, volunteers , and staff members is a top priority. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have instituted protective procedures and policies as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the MDHHS, and the Grand Traverse County Health Department. However, no health and safety policies, assessments, precautions and/or protocols that will be implemented from time to time at and for the Bay Side Music Stage, by local, state and federal governmental agencies, the Festival Foundation, and its affiliated companies (as applicable), (individually or collectively, "Event Organizer") and/or third parties, can eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Because Festival Events are open for other individuals, ticket holder hereby knowingly, voluntarily, and irrevocably assumes all of the risks, hazards, and dangers related to participation at the Bay Side Music Stage and/or National Cherry Festival, and waives, releases, and discharges, the Festival Foundation, and its agent, volunteers, venders, organizers, or affiliates, from any and all claims arising or in relation to the risk of exposure to communicable diseases.
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