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Seeking Event Directors

National Cherry Festival is currently seeking volunteer Event Directors for the following events:

Teddy Bear Tea
Bubble Gum Blow
Bike Rodeo
Kids Cherry Pie Eating
Kids Fun & Games

And assistant event directors for the following events:

Pin Program (2 positions available)
Ice Cream Tent

Please complete the application below and submit online. Or if you prefer, it can be downloaded here and be mailed in. Questions? Contact Alexis Bremer at abremer@cherryfestival.org or 231-947-4230.

Event Director Application

Personal Information

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Other Phone Numbers
Please list any additional phone numbers
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Postal Code
Phone Number
Date Of Birth

Shirt Size

Application Information

Which Directorship are you applying for?
Relevant or Special Skills?
What motivated you to apply for this position?
How many years have you volunteered for the National Cherry Festival?
In what capacity did you serve?
Have you served in a volunteer leadership position with any other organization?

If yes, how long?
Organization Name & Position Held
What were your responsibilities?

Additional Info & Volunteer Waiver

Is there anything else you'd like to let us know? (additional volunteer activities, skills etc)

The National Cherry Festival encourages volunteer participation by all who are interested. At the same time, the Festival has an obligation to provide a safe and secure environment for its guests, and also has a responsibility to be cautious in handling its assets. To that end, the National Cherry Festival reserves the right to conduct a criminal background check on any volunteer. A criminal conviction will not necessarily prevent an applicant from volunteering; consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis as to whether an individual with a record may serve as a volunteer.

The National Cherry Festival shall keep all information obtained from the criminal background check process strictly confidential, and this information will be used only as part of the volunteer placement process. Only appropriate personnel at the National Cherry Festival will have access to this information.

By checking the box, you hereby consent and authorize the release of any criminal history records and information to the National Cherry Festival, and understand that your application may be rejected based on the results of your criminal history. You may request further information from the National Cherry Festival in regards to the general guidelines that are used for volunteer approval and dismissal in the application process.

By checking this box I agree to to the volunteer waiver
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