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Marching Band Interest Form 2023

Band Contact Information

Band Director Contact Information

Logistical & Event Information

Class of School Select one - Does not include Color Guard

Select all events that you band will participate

Does your school require housing?

Does your band use a touring company?

If yes, please complete the below information.

Media Information

This information will be announced during the parade. Media descriptions should be under 250 words.

1. For the purpose of keeping the flow of the parade moving and television consideration, forward motion at all times must be maintained.


Medical Assistance is available along the route if needed.

2. The National Cherry Festival covers visiting bands stays one day prior to the parade they are participating in. (Example: If you are participating in the Thursday and Saturday parades, the Festival will cover your housing costs starting on Wednesday. If you arrive on Monday but are not participating until Saturday, the Festival will cover your housing costs starting on Friday and there will be a per day cost for use of the school, plus custodial fees). Please contact the National Cherry Festival Main Office at 231.947.4230 if you have any questions.

3. Summer attire is permitted and points will not be taken off.

4. You will be required to be in the parade staging area forty-five minutes prior to your step-off time. You may use this time to practice in the band chute. Times will be forthcoming in your final packet.

5. Your buses will be allotted fifteen (15) minutes for unloading at the parade staging area.

6. All MACBDA rules apply in both parades.

7. In case of severe weather during the parades a Festival official will direct band members to a different location.

8. All bands utilizing Elementary School housing must stay within their designated areas. Any damage that is reported by custodians will be billed to the band that utilized the school. Please respect all rules given to you by the custodians. No keys will be given out.

Practice fields are available upon request for your band to practice marching and music rehearsal. Rehearsal times will be arranged with you prior to your arrival. Upon your arrival, a host will greet you and be available throughout your stay.
Contact bands@cherryfestival.org for requests or additional information.

Please read and agree to the Rules

All entries are subject to approval by the National Cherry Festival Director of Parades. The National Cherry Festival reserves the right to refuse any entry that is deemed not to be in the best interest of the National Cherry Festival.

Exception to any rule contained herein requires approval of the Director of Parades. Violation of any rule contained herein may result in the immediate removal of a unit prior to or during the parade and render the unit ineligible to participate in future parades.

In consideration of the acceptance of our entry in the National Cherry Festival’s Parades, we hereby release the National Cherry Festival, the Cherry Festival Parade Committee, DTE Energy Foundation, and Consumers Energy from any and all liability, as well as, any and all injuries or damage whatsoever arising from our participation in the aforementioned parades.

Please read and agree to the Reservation Statement
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