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Consumers Energy's Very Cherry Porch Parade

What is the Consumers Energy's Very Cherry Porch Parade?

The National Cherry Festival has always been about generations of fun and that little red fruit that means so much to us. Even though we had to postpone the festival and its events, we are still looking for ways to celebrate the people, the region and the cherry. During what would have been the National Cherry Festival Week (July 3 to July 10) we are asking the members of the community to celebrate with us by decorating their porch, yard or window to bring a smile to your friends and neighbors. The theme of the porch parade is Cherries!

Consumers Energy's Very Cherry Porch Parade will take place from July 3rd to July 10th.


Consumer’s Energy Very Cherry Porch Parade Contest.

Let everyone know you have the best cherry display on the block by entering in the Consumer’s Energy Very Cherry Porch Parade Contest! How to enter is simple. All you do is post a photo of your display on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #verycherryporchparadecontest.

First place winner will be chosen on the best use of cherries and all other winners will be chosen at random from those who enter! Prizes to be announced soon!

Winners will be announced after July 12th!

Step 1: Register your display!

  • Registration is FREE!
  • You will be added to Consumers Energy's VERY Cherry Porch Parade Map.
  • As a special thank you, at least the first 100 Porches in the Traverse City Area that register will receive a FREE Consumers Energy's Very Cherry Porch Parade lawn sign that will magically appear in your lawn, no need to touch it or interact with anyone.

Step 2: Decorate Your Porch (Window, Yard, Sidewalk)

  • Choose one of our ideas as inspiration, or go wild with your own. The point of decorating is to unleash your creativity and celebrate cherries and generations of fun. #cherriesatnight #juniorcherries #CherryRoyale
  • Porches must be fully decorated by 12 noon on Saturday, July 3, 2021 and able to stay up until midnight Saturday, July 10, 2021.
  • Porches must be appropriate for a family friendly audience.
  • Don’t have a porch? No problem! Feel free to decorate your lawn, the sidewalk, a window, or something else visible from the street or sidewalk.

Step 3: Explore, Celebrate, Share

  • Check the Porch Parade Map often to see how the celebration is growing!
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood, take pictures of the Porches you find, and tag us on social to help share the joy! @cherryfestival #cherryporchparade #paradinginplace #consumersenergy
  • The more people who take part, the more celebration there is to share, so get your friends and neighbors involved!

Rules & Regulations:

  • Displays must be fully decorated by 12 noon on Saturday, July 3, and be able to stay up until Saturday, July 10, and must be appropriate for a family audience.
  • Displays should not focus on religious, political, ideological, or controversial themes or issues. Use of any political sign, social or political material is not permitted.
  • Displays are not a place for commercial marketing. Businesses are welcomed and encouraged to participate with a focus on the mission of bringing our community together while social distancing.
  • The Festival Foundation dba National Cherry Festival reserves the right to exclude any displays that do not meet our guidelines or that feature content not aligned with our mission.
  • Registrations are limited to one per household, per location.
  • Registration for the Very Cherry Porch Parade and/or tagging @cherryfestival or using #cherryporchparade #verycherryporchparade #cherriesatnight #juniorcherries #CherryRoyal with related photos or videos on social media, grants The Festival Foundation permission to use your images and footage on any platform.

Get Involved

Register Your Porch

Register Here to make your porch or display official and get it on the Porch Parade Map.

Get Decorating

The sky's the limit! Think of how you decorate for other holidays, or what brings you joy when you see it walking around your neighborhood. There's no right or wrong way to decorate for the Porch Parade, as long as you're being inclusive and joyful. If you need a little help getting inspired, try one of these concepts:


  • Celebrate Cherries and go all out with the cherry décor you may have in your home or yard.
  • Where kids rule the design. Get the whole family involved and put that youthful energy to work making your porch look AMAZING.
  • Light it up! Bring out the Christmas Lights, Glow Sticks and more to Celebrate Cherries at Night.

See It All

See the Displays

Get some exercise and some inspiration - walk around your neighborhood and see who else is taking part in the Porch Parade. Porches will be fully decorated from July 3 to July 10.

As you explore, remember to take pictures and tag @cherryfestival and use #cherryporchparade #paradinginplace #cherriesatnight #juniorcherries #CherryRoyal on social media so that people who aren't in your neighborhood can see the amazing displays too!

If it's rainy or there's no other displays in your neighborhood, don't worry, just follow @cherryfestival on Instagram and check out #cherryporchparade #paradinginplace #cherriesatnight #juniorcherries #CherryRoyal

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