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Lifetime Leadership Award 2019

National Cherry Festival is soliciting nominations to honor individuals for decades of leadership, volunteerism and service to their community. Nominees should be individuals who have gifted a significant part of their time and talents to the community including civic, church, and other volunteer contributions. This individual should stand out as a community role model who motivates and inspires those around them.


Selection criteria:
  • Benevolent service and achievements in their community
  • Encouraged and motivated others to assume leadership roles philanthropy and increased community involvement
  • Outstanding public service in the community through acts of volunteerism
  • Aged 65 or greater and a resident of Antrim, Benzie, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Leelanau or Wexford Counties.
  • Nominees must be willing and able to attend the Lifetime Leadership Breakfast on Monday July 2, and the awardee will need to attend both the Heritage Parade on Tuesday July 3, 2018.
  • Previous winners of the Award (formerly known as the Very Cherry Distinguished Senior Award) are not eligible.
Past winners include:
2018: Russ McNamara
2017: Leo Hughes
2016: Rev. Dr. Homer Nye
2015: Barbra Mikowski
2014: Dr. Hank Johnson
2013: Michael Sheehan
2012: Ralph Soffredine
2011: Hettie Molvang
2010: Sandra Svec
2009: Rev. Edwin Thome
2008: Bea Houghton
2007: Jim Rowlett
2006: Virginia Olds
2005: Joe Lada
2004: Clara McManus
2003: Mary Jean Brick
2002: Margaret Dunn
2001: Peg Simmons

Nominee Information

Nominee is available to attend the following events

Information of Person Submitting Nomination

Nomination Information

Please submit a word document detailing the following information:

  1. Write a short biographical sketch of the nominee
  2. Please list examples of this individuals service to their community. Include any involvement with community organization include civic, church, and other volunteer contributions
  3. Describe how this individual's service has impacted others. How have they encouraged and motivated others in their community?
  4. Please include anything else you feel should be considered in evaluating this nominee and his/her qualifications.
Upload word document here
Upload photo of individual here

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