July 2 - 9, 2016

Air Show

National Cherry Festival Takes Flight over West Grand Traverse Bay Again in 2015!

The 2015 Air Show takes to the skies at 1:30 p.m.

Join us for the 89th National Cherry Festival Air Show, sponsored by Cherry Capital Airport, Northern Michigan Toyota Dealers, Sam's Club, Schmuckal Oil, AVFlight, Harbour Air, NMC Aviation, Charter Spectrum, and the U.S. Coast Guard on Saturday, July 4 and 5 for two exciting air shows!   



Watching from the shores of West Grand Traverse Bay? Listen live on WTCM AM 580 to hear air show commentators give minute to minute maneuvering.

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John Klatt Air Shows

Lt. Col. John Klatt is one of the top aerobatic performance pilots in America.  He has thrilled millions of air show spectators for the past decade, with his own unique blend of precision, power and performance.  He has served in the Air National Guard for more than 20 years - flying combat, air support and humanitarian missions throughout the world in the F-16 "Fighting Falcon" and the C-130 "Hercules" aircraft.

Visit John Klatt and his Team

The Vanguard Squadron

Ethanol is taking flight as America's premiere renewable fuel. The Vanguard Squadron flies a dazzling four ship formation aerobatic airshow powered by ethanol. The Vanguard Squadron has been ethanol powered since the team began flying together in 1993. Ethanol adds power and performance to the Squadron's aircraft without any major engine modifications. The team has over 3,000 flight hours using 100% ethanol. The Squadron shares their love for flying and raising ethanol awareness by flying airshows across the country. The Squadron flies 10-15 airshow events each year. Flying across the country promoting ethanol as the fuel for the future has introduced the Squadron to many people interested in aviation and alternative fuel solutions. 


Dave Dacy Air Shows

Pilot Dave Dacy will fly his Boeing Stearman Model 75 over West Grand Traverse Bay while his wing walking co-performer Tony Kazian will wow spectators as walks carefully yet boldly on the wings of the vintage Stearman.

The Boeing Stearman, Model 75, produced by the Lloyd Stearman Company (a Kansas based subsidiary of Boeing) was used as a training aircraft during World War II. Following the war many of the Stearman Aircraft were used as crop dusters.

Born and raised on his parents strip in Harvard, Illinois, Dave Dacy has been performing in airshows and special events throughout the United States and Canada since the early 1970s .  Soloing in a Aeronca Champ at the age of 16, Dave was in the cockpit of a 220 H.P. Stearman teaching himself aerobatics by the time he was 20.

With no parachute, no ropes and no cables, Tony’s freestyle performance on and about the wings of Dave Dacy’s Super Stearman is awe-inspiring and is guaranteed to capture the attention of all!

U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds squadron is an Air Combat Command unit composed of eight pilots (including six demonstration pilots), four support officers, four civilians and more than 100 enlisted personnel performing in almost 30 job specialties.

A Thunderbirds air demonstration is a mix of formation flying and solo routines. The four-jet diamond formation demonstrates the training and precision of Air Force pilots, while the lead and opposing solo aircraft highlight some of the maximum capabilities of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.

The pilots perform approximately 40 maneuvers in a demonstration. The entire show, including the ground show and air demonstration, lasts about 75 minutes. The season typically starts in March and ends in November, with the winter months used to train new members. Officers serve a two-year assignment with the squadron, while enlisted personnel serve three to four.

The squadron performs no more than 80 air demonstrations each year and has never canceled a demonstration due to maintenance difficulty. More than 280 million people in all 50 states and 57 foreign countries have seen the red, white and blue Thunderbirds jets in more than 3,500 aerial demonstrations



Visit the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds

U.S. Coast Guard

Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City was established in 1946 and is a part of the United States Coast Guards Ninth District.  We are situated on the southern end of Grand Traverse Bay in northern Michigan. Since 1995, Air Station Traverse City has controlled and manned Air Facilities throughout southern Lake Michigan.  Our area of operations includes all of Lake Michigan and a greater part of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. 

Visit United States Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City

Kevin Copeland

KC Aerosports, LLC is based in the Traverse City, MI area, operated by Kevin Copeland, that offers upset maneuver recovery training, spin training, scenic air tours, basic and precision Aerobatic lessons for pilots, and adrenaline pumping Aerobatic thrill rides for non-pilots all flown over the beautiful Grand Traverse Bay area.



vanguardweb copy.jpg

Chuck Coleman

Chuck Coleman is an Airshow Performer and a certified flight instructor with over 35000 hours in the Extra 300 aircraft series.  He has performed in hundreds of Air Shows and has given 2500+ rides in air show aircraft.  Chuck has been deployed around the world in aircraft such as the Burt Rutan Proteus used for specific research.  Chuck has an Aerospace/Mechanical Degree from the University of Michigan.  Chuck has built and restored multiple aircraft as well as provided maintenance and test pilot support to the aviation community.


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Air Show Gala - July 3, 4 & 5

The National Cherry Festival and the Historic Park Place Hotel invite back the U.S.A.F. Thunderbirds Air Show at the Top of the Park. You will find no better view of the National Cherry Festival Air Show than atop the Historic Park Place Hotel.

Air Show Flight Deck - July 4 & 5

This year the National Cherry Festival ‘Flight Deck’ will give Festival goers Wings!  Those visiting the ‘Flight Deck’ will receive complimentary boneless wings or mini corn dogs from Buffalo Wild Wings Restaurant and a sampling of Sweet Potato Chips from Bagger Dave’s Burger Tavern.

Blues, Brews & BBQ - July 4

An opening event that everyone will want to attend!  Kick off the 89th National Cherry Festival with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, mircobrews, as well as the finest BBQ around!  Watch the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds as they soar high over West Grand Traverse Bay, all while sipping on a cold brew and enjoying finger lickin’ good BBQ! 

Great American Picnic - July 5

Join us Sunday, July 5th for the ultimate Great American Picnic. Watch the U.S Air Force Thunderbirds as they perform over West Grand Traverse Bay enjoying cherry inspired picnic food. Not only will there be excellent food; there will also be games for the kids and fun for the whole family! 

Friend of the Airshow Corporate Members

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